A Closer Look: The 1st GenAI Summit in SE Europe

On June 14th, in Athens, a city known for its ancient wisdom and modern vibrancy, played host to a gathering of minds – the inaugural GenAI Summit SE Europe. This milestone event marked a leap in the journey of AI, bringing to the forefront the new capabilities of GenAI in our rapidly changing digitizing world.

The summit was graced by speakers representing a spectrum of notable organizations, including OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Stanford & Harvard universities and Intelligencia among others. Each brought their unique perspectives to the table, enriching the narrative with their hands-on experiences and understanding of GenAI’s applications in diverse contexts.

It began by laying down the groundwork for a conversation on the legal and policy aspects of GenAI. This foundational discussion set the tone for the rest of the event, shaping our understanding of the context in which GenAI operates.

We then dove into the realm of education and learning, exploring novel ways to teach professionals about GenAI. The dialogue highlighted the transformative role this technology could play in our education system and professional training programs.

The application of GenAI in the food, coffee and beverage industries was another area of interest. Participants learned about the wide range of possibilities, from optimizing operations to creating personalized consumer experiences.

A memorable session focused on the philosophical considerations of GenAI and the necessity of human touch in the realm of GenAI. These discussions served as a reminder that while we journey through the age of AI, human insight and creativity remain indispensable.

The potential of GenAI in healthcare was another enlightening topic, revealing how it could reshape everything from research and development to patient treatment. A broader exploration into the current landscape of AI innovation also sparked a wealth of discussions.

From a bird’s eye view, we looked at how GenAI is redefining various industries and job functions. Through conversations ranging from a CEO’s perspective on industry-wide transformations to the impact of GenAI on HR and learning & development sectors, we got a glimpse into the far-reaching implications of AI.

We wrapped up the event by looking ahead to the future of large language models (LLMs) and discussing the influence of GenAI on product design. These conversations painted a hopeful image of the countless opportunities that await us in the world of AI.

In addition to these insightful discussions, the Summit also celebrated the establishment of the first GenAI Cohort. This group, composed of motivated individuals, companies & organizations, will continue to engage with GenAI, enjoy exclusive benefits, and actively participate in the second GenAI Summit on February 29th, 2024.

We invite you to join this dynamic group, the GenAI Cohort, and partake in shaping the future of GenAI. 

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