3 Simple Clicks to Activate Technology in Your Classroom

Last Updated on November 17, 2017

Optimize academic & career orientation … 

Technology is increasingly being applied by schools, ultimately aiming to help students discover their interests and abilities. Surveys and statistics show that
“50 percent of teachers feel comfortable using new technologies but most teachers are using technology for test taking and drills, rather than more interactive collaborative approaches”. (Education Week, 2016)

… and use technology to complement rather than supplement human interaction … 

The barriers of by-the-book guidance methods include:

  • Limited information sources
  • Incomplete information exchange
  • Lack of human interaction

At 100mentors, the schools we partner with live in a world activated by “3 simple clicks”. What does this mean? That we have the ability to get the information we need, when we need it, and personalize our or our child’s career and academic journey to fit our profile, needs and special talents… in just 3 simple clicks.

… in 3 Simple Clicks.

100mentors has effectively leveraged both technology and education, creating an experience whereby students can explore different career and academic paths by connecting with the appropriate source of information on-demand.

Our state of the art technology allows you to book sessions with mentors of your choosing in 3 clicks

Our simple interface and ongoing usability improvements make 100mentors easy to learn and use. 100mentors does not only allow teachers, college and career counselors the ability to create a unique learning experience for their students in 3 clicks, more importantly, it has made teaching more fun while simultaneously improving student learning.

Activate Technology to Empower Your Students

100mentors is the platform and network empowering students to connect with mentors on-demand to guide them in their most important academic and career decisions. With 100mentors, schools enable students to open up their circles of influence to include mentors from 300+ universities and 500+ companies across the world, while companies and universities are able to tap into a quality pool of potential program and job candidates.

As the Head of Growth/Partner, Elina drives user and revenue growth at 100mentors. As a data-driven individual, she enjoys collaborating with bright minds and on innovative products.

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