Education Roundup: Mentorship In Action

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Last Updated on November 17, 2017

Mentorship is vital for our growth and development in life, as proven by cases both inside and beyond the classroom. From historic mentorship examples to the latest mentorship programs launched by schools recently, in this week’s roundup we take a closer look at the reason and success behind mentorship.

1. Connecting students to the institution through mentors boosts success.

A look at how Western Governors University saw a 10% increase in graduation rates and George Mason University saw a 15% jump, after both universities began connecting students with mentors. (Education Dive)

2. Enterprising primary school student pioneers mentoring program to educate younger kids.

How one school in Australia inspires their students to try new things, by connecting them with other classman. In this Coogee school, their “News by a Senior” program encourages senior students share their stories, passions and interests with kindergarten students. (Telegraph)

3. “Behind every great mentor, there’s an even greater one.”

History has shown us that behind every great mentor, there is an even greater one; from Plato mentor to Aristotle, George Mason mentor to Thomas Jefferson or Bing Crosby mentor to Frank Sinatra. Let’s explore how the mentorship relationship profoundly transforms not only the way we view our careers, but our lives as a whole.

4. 8 keys to designing tomorrow’s schools, today

“Going forward, student agency must become the norm, not the exception. We must find ways to focus instructional pedagogy on higher-order skills and problem solving so that anytime, anywhere learning can become a realistic possibility for today’s ‘Netflix generation’ of students.” (eSchool News)  

5. International school in Cyprus connects students to mentors across the world

What when a top international school was asked their philosophy on education and mentorship, the answer was simple: “diversity and guidance.” The principal of the American International School of Cyprus (ASIC) expands on this, explaining how connecting their students with role models from different backgrounds has resulted in their daring to dream bigger.

Empower your students to find their mentors.

Great examples of mentorship surround us in school and in life. Now, you can make mentorship, at scale, a reality for your students. 100mentors is the platform and network empowering students to connect with mentors on-demand to guide them in their most important academic and career decisions. With 100mentors, schools enable students to open up their circles of influence to include mentors from 300+ universities and 500+ companies across the world, while companies and universities are able to tap into a quality pool of potential program and job candidates.


As Digital Marketing Manager of 100mentors, Lucy is helping craft and spread the #100mentors message across the globe. Outside of 100mentors, Lucy actively seeks to spread good vibes, and collaborate with the great tech and marketing minds of the world.

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