[Free eBook] Distance Education: Teaching and Learning in a Project-Based World

Last Updated on July 26, 2022

We know many of you have been moving to distance education solutions, and we want to support you. Even if you haven’t already been using 100mentors to implement your remote learning plan, we hope you’ll find meaningful tips and advice in our latest eBook.

Inside, you’ll find all the posts in our Project-Based Learning blog series with lots of bonus material on how implementing PBL can be the perfect-fit for moving to remote instruction. Distance education can be an unexpected opportunity to explore this innovative educational approach that shifts the way we teach, and the way our students learn.

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While the eBook contains additional distance education tips, you can preview the posts in our PBL series directly on our blog here:

  1. Why bother with Project-Based Learning?
  2. Instruction-driven project vs Project-driven instruction
  3. Seven techniques to get started with Project-Based Learning
  4. Launching Project-Based Learning
  5. Monitoring Project-Based Learning
  6. Evaluating Project-Based Learning

PS: We’re pledging the use of our platform free during this time to 1,000 affected classrooms. Learn more here, or leave us a comment with your questions.

Pepy is a University and IB Diploma Programme Physics teacher, with an MA and Ph.D. in Science Education. She is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in teachers' STEM education. As the Head of Research at 100mentors, she empowers educators to turn theory into practice with educational technology solutions.

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