What habits do our most impactful mentors have in common?

Last Updated on June 29, 2020

Our most impactful mentors have a clear understanding of our mission– to answer the questions that matter– and the question that echoes in their minds is quite obvious: “What is my responsibility to the younger generation”? 100mentors has become a part of their daily routine. This can happen because everything inside the app is byte-sized, and any professional with a tight schedule can devote the minimum time to produce an answer with the maximum possible impact.

This way, our mentors act as content creators to record quick, though still substantive, content which is consumed by mentees in only 100seconds, making the process both productive for them and impactful for mentees – often a welcome kind of break from their workday.

So, what do our most impactful mentors have in common to make these experiences possible on a regular basis?

To begin with, it is important that a mentor has taken a few moments to create a complete profile and select their fields of expertise from the start of their journey as mentors. Knowing more about you,  mentees have the chance to already place your answers in a context and receive the most out of them. At the same time, they are able to view many different mentor profiles and be inspired by various careers, professions, and academic studies. Besides that, mentees, and specifically students, tend to ask career-oriented questions, meaning that for these particular questions a profile helps them to be inspired by the different career and professional paths that they can follow based on the thoughts their mentors share. 

Most importantly, having a complete profile and selecting your fields of expertise creates a more seamless experience for you, too. It helps our algorithm match your profile with the most relevant and engaging questions, including:

  • Curriculum-based questions, currently discussed in their classrooms or being connected with specific subjects or subjects’ units. 
  • Career-based questions matched to your current occupation and mentor profile details, which students tend to ask regardless of their school projects, but mostly because they want to be inspired for their academic and professional future. In this questions’ category, there are also the questions around the future of work, as a result of the current changes and digital transformation, making students wonder about the future of the workforce and the differences with up-until now status quo.

After mentors have completed their profiles, what habits do they adopt while they’re using our app to keep their impact and momentum growing? 

Our most impactful mentors:

1. Answer a minimum number of 3 questions per month. This way, mentors can reach at least 10 students per month. Of course, the more answers a mentor provides, the more students they can reach. Inquirers get to know the mentors that provide more answers better, feel more connected with them, and become inspired to ask them more questions to keep the discussion going. 

2. Answer questions that have already been answered. This one sounds like a paradox – but it isn’t. This way, mentors make themselves an integral part of a lively conversation between a mentee or question-asker and multiple question receivers. It is also important for a mentor to explore not only other questions that have already been asked but also its multiple answers. This is simply because inspiration is something that everyone needs – and not only the question asker. If there is a way to feel part of a lively conversation on a meaningful topic, then both consuming and producing content is a way to achieve this.

3. Answer different types of questions: the basic-information questions, thus the ones that do not need much research to be answered, and the wonderment questions that are relevant, feasible, investigable, and within reach. All of these offer learning potential and the chance for the acquisition of new knowledge- from every side, the mentee and the mentor side, too).

4. Have a regular look at their “You” screen. There, mentors can see how many students they have inspired in total, how many views each of their questions have (and even how many minutes of watch time across their answers they’ve received). We cannot deny that we all strive for some acknowledgment of our work, so the 100mentors “You” screen was created with this need in mind: so that mentors can be aware of their growing impact within the mentee/student community.

PS: Did you know? Mentors with a wider reach more often receive invitations for live sessions, especially during the school year. This happens as a result of the fact that students got to know the mentor and their teachers want to connect live with them.

It is never late for a mentor to start being committed virtually for the next generation, by sharing their thoughts and expertise with inquirers globally. The world’s quick digitalization requires a better and clear connection between different generations so that no gap to exist between the workforce of tomorrow. Byte-sized content in the context of virtual mentoring can make adopting these habits for mentorship easy. Inquiry is an important element of lifelong learning for all users, and with the 100mentors app, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, especially in a fast-paced environment.

100mentors is the app that connects mentees or question-askers with mentors or question-receivers, thus making the virtual asynchronous mentoring a reality. This particularly happens in a time that digital transformation is an emerging concept that people and businesses need to deal with, and digital communication is the new “thing” that we all need to learn to adapt to the future. Mentors from different fields of expertise, different time-zones, age, and countries have joined the 100mentors platform, while many of them have already become actively aligned with the core mission, which is to “answer the questions that matter”.

Yannis Kourtis is the Mentor Experience Associate at 100mentors. He holds an MA in International Relations and Strategic Studies and has worked as a youth trainer, helping young people to develop life skills beyond the classroom. Yannis is passionate about empowering professionals and academics to leave their legacy by connecting with students worldwide.

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