Happy Holidays from 100mentors!

With our friends, teachers, students, and mentors all over the world, the holiday scene can look very different: covered in snow or drenched in sunshine. No matter what you celebrate, and where the holidays find you, we hope you had a year full of inspiring questions, and equally inspiring answers. And, no matter what you believe… we hope you’ll continue to join us in believing that asking the right questions can change the world.

Wishing all of you in our community a healthy and happy holiday season. We are grateful that you consistently entrust us with the most precious gift of all … curiosity!

Looking back on this year, we’d like to share the 100mentors Top 10 for 2018. Here are some of our highlights from this year. We’ve saved the best for last, so don’t forget to read all the way through…

10. Our list starts off just like our vision for 100mentors: it all starts with a question.
What’s our favorite question this year: why?

Why do we suffer?
F.H. –  Children’s International School, Norway

9. 1000+ new mentors registered this year alone, from over 60 countries, with different backgrounds and speaking over 50 different languages.

8. A unique “place” was created to host some of the best and most intriguing questions. The 100mentors Academy is where all mentors can answer such questions and schools can have access to view their fascinating answers. A few answers for the broad audience are visible here.

7. Our shared mission and values with our partner organizations. The Tipping Point in Education, one of our partner-NGOs with a shared vision has made a difference with 200+ newly registered schools, using our software!


6. The magic of a live mentorship session – each and every time we saw it in action.

5. The insight of our mentors: “extraordinary people, in ordinary times”


4. Meeting educators from all over the world … in person, live, and virtually.

3. The feedback we’ve received from our users.

The speaker was happy to engage with queries in any directions the students were interested in going. He was friendly, knowledgeable, personable, thoughtful, and offered some interesting insight into the inner workings of the media in relation to the topics we are studying. The session was comfortable and most importantly the students really felt energized by it and it sparked an interesting, exciting, half-hour reflection discussion where we built on ideas that had come up.

Thomas H.

2. The thoughtful, high-cognitive questions that our students are asking, every day.

1. Launching our newest platform feature and mobile application – the ultimate highlight thanks to our tech team!

We’d love to hear about your favorite moments this year (especially if we played a part in making your year … more conscious!) Any favorite moments you’d like to add to our list? Comment below!

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do what we love and 2019 is a new year, it’s a book full of blank pages, so let’s fill it together with the most amazing questions and answers that will inspire us all to achieve excellence! Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous new year!

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