100mentors Certificate on Soft Skills Training: Invest in your future

There are many ways to be a “learner.” Maybe you’re in school or in college. Or maybe you’re participating in learning and upskilling as part of a company program.  Whatever it is, you’re already doing something for yourself and, particularly, for your skills. So, why should you also be thinking about soft skills?

Soft skills matter for your future

Research shows that soft skills are better indicators for future academic and career success than hard skills (Kyllonen, 2013) and 92% of talent professionals consider soft skills just as important or more important than hard skills when hiring (LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2019). Investing in soft skills seems key to a future-proof career. 

Invest in your soft skills with the 100mentors Certificate

There is no absolute scale or framework to evaluate soft skills, which is what makes them difficult to assess. At 100mentors, we capitalize on the unique connection between asking questions and developing critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity – three of the most in-demand soft skills. It doesn’t matter what you’re asking questions about, you are practicing these skills without even knowing. 

To help you on that journey toward the assessment and certification of your soft skills, we’re introducing the 100mentors Learner Certificate in Soft Skills Training!

  • No more lectures: Practice your soft skills by simply asking questions on the app
  • Know yourself: Check your evaluations to see how mentors endorse your soft skills
  • Improve yourself: Ask follow up questions to master the skills reflected in your questions 
  • Showcase your soft skills to future employers: Share your Certificate to indicate you’re serious about your soft skills.

The future of work might still seem a bit cloudy, but you can face it with a strong toolkit of soft skills so you’re up to the challenge. Our Certificate is here to make your upskilling both easy and measurable.

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Joanna is a social impact specialist with experience in organizations promoting human rights, inclusion, and access to opportunity. She is the Head of Educational Partnerships at 100mentors where she oversees the development of collaborations with educational organizations across the world.

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