3 Testimonials and Takeaways from our Proudest Mentors

Last Updated on June 22, 2020

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Traditionally, being a mentor has involved a hefty time commitment – one that most professionals and experts best in a position to be a mentor can be deterred by. Nevertheless, mentors across programs point to the positive experience mentorship brings to their professional lives – leaving them feeling inspired by their contribution. We’ve listened to the testimonials of mentors like you to make 100mentors easy, fulfilling, and fast.

In this blog post, we’ll share some testimonials from mentors already using the 100mentors app and Q&A feature, to showcase how, in 100 second videos, you, too, can be a mentor with little time commitment, but find value in the experience.

Mentors like you are what make it possible to inspire 22,000 students. They give us great feedback about their experiences on our platform, and so do the educators and students on the receiving end of their byte-sized expertise. Here’s what’s worthwhile about their experience, in their own words, and the words of those they’ve inspired. See 3 examples of how mentorship comes full circle from their accounts below.

1. The most moving examples come from our most dedicated mentors, like Elena Kazamia, ENS/MIT Scientist & Marie Curie Fellow.

She wrote, “It is empowering to feel connected to young people and to hear their concern. Across thousands of miles, and a decade or two of age difference, I felt their minds too racing for solutions.”

Elena has conducted a large number of live sessions, as well as provided some of our most-viewed and popular answers to our topics feature. 100mentors has helped her share her passion for science with thousands of students, and their educators, too.

Lucy, an educator, wrote that “the students were very positive about Elena… they found her engaging, informative, enthusiastic and relatable. From a teaching perspective, I found the content to be age appropriate and accessible whilst also being thought provoking enough to stretch the more able learners. Thank you!”

We couldn’t ask for more – both Elena and her learners gained a lot through her participation!

2. We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a testimonial from Michael Dobson, The Director of the Shakespeare institute as part of our list.

He says, “I find it refreshing to talk to [lively, personable] and curious students from elsewhere. It was good to be reminded of what the essential questions can be from young people!”

Best of all? The students agree with him – reminding us that this conversation positively impacts both the mentors, like you, and the mentees they reach. One of our student reviewers wrote that “Mr.Dobson was a great speaker, he spoke very clear and the content was magnificent, we learned a lot from him.”

3. A simply put testimonial, by Orpheas Katsikis, Operations Analyst at Amazon UK. He says of 100mentors, that it is “Great to be able to inspire, guide, and give back.” We love this direct and concise feedback – because this is the core of what we strive to provide mentors.

And, the educators and students on the receiving end had great things to say about Orpheas’ contribution to their learning experience.

Dave said that Orpheas was an “excellent speaker.” Orpheas “shared his experience with the students at an age appropriate level,” and “got the students thinking about the topic by asking questions back at them as well.”

We think these mentors and educators have spoken for themselves – and their words are powerful. Mentors like you are finding value in their experience using 100mentors, but best of all – so are those students and educators on the receiving end of the gift of knowledge they are sharing.

Ready to get started, and join these mentors? Register or open the app to record your 100second answer today!

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