Up Close with Chicago Education This Summer

Last Updated on November 17, 2017

After a year of taking 100mentors on the road — from across the States and all the way to Malta —  we are excited to announce our next stop: Chicago.

EdTech Highlights from Around the World

Before arriving in the Windy City, we stopped over in cities across the world to get a better understanding of the trends, painpoints, trends, and ideas from educators across the world. Here are the highlights.

Earlier this year, we hopped on a plane to Austin to meet with fellow changemakers in education at SXSWedu 2017, and get a better understanding of what the coming year has in store for edtech. Next, we stopped by the east coast to host our first-ever NYC EdTech Happy Hour to create a venue to continue exchanging thoughts and ideas, and inspire conversation amongst the innovators of education.

And most recently, we were in Malta last month to join Microsoft in Education for their conference on Transforming Education. While in Malta, we shared with educators how schools can use technology to open up the world for their students and take their class on a mission. Now, we’re in Chicago for the summer to meet with the inspired youth and educators of the great summer student programs offered in the area.

Next Up: Chicago

Now, we’re here in Chicago for the summer on our next leg of our trip, to delve even further in our global edtech explorations. So, why Chicago?

Chicago EdTech

The Windy City is a growing hub for edtech companies. Edtech companies are on the rise here in Chi, driven by strong venture funding and Chicago’s leading entrepreneurship and technology centers like 1871 and BLUE|1647. Chicago provides the opportunity to bring together the great minds of edtech at meetups like EdTech Chicago, to exchange thoughts with the top edtech startups and learn how each is making moves to transform education.

Chicago (Summer) Schools

From private to charter to public, Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods give rise to an extensive network of schools. Beyond the academic year, there is a vast array of summer programs, with opportunities for youth of all ages. And it should come as no surprise that many of the programs center around mentorship and skills development, to give students the resources and guidance to prepare them for the next step in their life journey. Naturally, here is where we come in.

The 100mentors Summer Program

Later in the summer, we’ll be hosting a mentorship program for students in the area. This event will give the participating students, from schools across Chicago and its neighboring towns, the opportunity to connect with mentors from across the world. From a classroom in Chicago this summer, students can now expand their horizons and meet role models from across the world. If you’d like to stay up to date as we share more details around the program throughout the summer, let us know and we’ll be in touch with updates.

Bring the World into Your Classroom This Summer

Educators using 100mentors have replaced regular classroom lectures and assignments with a “Classroom Mission” curriculum, where they empower their students to connect with mentors from across the world (from NASA scientists and Google data scientists to Hollywood cinematographers and New York Post Editors, and more) to expand their learning — and life — horizons. This summer, catch up with us virtually or here in Chicago, to explore ways that we can collaborate with you, to bring the world into your classrooms.

'Class on a Mission' CTA

As Digital Marketing Manager of 100mentors, Lucy is helping craft and spread the #100mentors message across the globe. Outside of 100mentors, Lucy actively seeks to spread good vibes, and collaborate with the great tech and marketing minds of the world.

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