[Free eBook] Simplifying Approaches to Teaching & Learning

Last Updated on July 26, 2022

Book mockup: Simplifying Approaches to Teaching & Learning

This eBook highlights how we, as IB teachers, can bring Approaches to Teaching to our classroom & challenge students to engage in Approaches to Learning. We’ve covered these topics in a series on our blog and received lots of positive feedback, so we wanted to put it into an easily accessible, downloadable eBook you can keep on hand.

It’s packed with educational theory vocabulary, direct tips for implementing teacher-friendly techniques, and getting the most out of educational technology.

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Preview the blog posts in this series directly on our blog:

  1. How Inquiry-Based Teaching Improves Student Research Skills
  2. How to focus on Conceptual Understanding while practicing student Thinking Skills
  3. How teaching developed in Local and Global Contexts enriches student Communication Skills
  4. How teaching focused on Teamwork empowers student Social Skills
  5. How to Differentiate Teaching for the advancement of student Thinking Skills
  6. How teaching informed by Assessment fosters student Self-Management skills

Pepy is a University and IB Diploma Programme Physics teacher, with an MA and Ph.D. in Science Education. She is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in teachers' STEM education. As the Head of Research at 100mentors, she empowers educators to turn theory into practice with educational technology solutions.

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