Future-proof learning: The 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training

The coronavirus pandemic has brought an explosion of trainings, seminars, and learning opportunities: online, hybrid, live, asynchronous, in-person, in a park…

From teachers and students re-defining the core values of formal education to L&D departments and employees realizing they can no longer rely on a degree to stay relevant, everyone was challenged to set up and follow alternative learning paths. This hyperfocus on format can leave out two factors that are crucial:

  • Measurable Learning Outcomes
    No matter how many trainings we sign up for, what really matters is being able to tangibly show we’ve built knowledge or developed a new skill.
  • Investment in durable skills
    Hard skills, referring mainly to our technical knowledge, are no longer enough in this rapidly changing world. With every piece of knowledge available through our smart devices, they are considered perishable. It is the “soft,” more durable skills that provide for our future in education and work.

The combination of these two elements leads to a very real concern: we need to train our soft skills and we need to measure to what extent we develop them – but how?

Educational organizations, companies, and learners themselves try to find a way to efficiently tackle this challenge. At 100mentors, we dived deeply into the what and the how of soft skills to answer this need: the 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training.

Investing in soft skills by asking questions

How to develop soft skills remains the biggest debate. Most companies and learning institutions tackle this question through lectures, seminars, exercises, experiential learning, scenarios, and more… However, these traditional approaches don’t lead to a valid quantifiable outcome on our soft skills progress. 

At 100mentors, we capitalize on the unique connection between asking questions and developing critical thinking, problem solving and creativity – three of the most valuable soft skills for our academic, professional, and personal life.

It doesn’t matter what you’re asking questions about, you are practicing these skills without even knowing. And the mentors’ input can be crucial in pushing questions further and strengthening these three skills from one question to the next.

The 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training

How can you prove and improve your soft skills through this tangible method?

This is where technology and human intelligence combine. Through the 100mentors platform (web and mobile app), any learner can develop their soft skills by asking questions to mentors. These questions are evaluated and lead to the 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training. 

The 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training works in a few simple steps:

The Certificate provides: 

  • Engaging and meaningful interaction with mentors
  • Clear process to invest in soft skills, no matter what the context or topic
  • Quantifiable and trackable outcomes from that process
  • Easy way to showcase their level of mastery on their CV, LinkedIn profile, or to any employer

We have developed an effective and efficient process to cultivate, measure, and evaluate three of the most important soft skills, giving all learners, and the organizations they belong to, the opportunity to invest in their future. 

Most importantly though, we are proud to develop human-centered technology. It is by putting human intelligence at the core of our process that we’ve been able to make the intangible quantifiable.

Joanna is a social impact specialist with experience in organizations promoting human rights, inclusion, and access to opportunity. She is the Head of Educational Partnerships at 100mentors where she oversees the development of collaborations with educational organizations across the world.

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