Mentoring Threads: A new way to interact on 100mentors

What is a “Thread?”

 A learner and a mentor create a new Thread on the 100mentors app when they take the following steps: 

  • Learner asks a starter question
  • Mentor evaluates the question and responds with an answer
  • Learner follows up with the mentor by asking another question

And that’s all it takes to begin a new learner-mentor interaction within a Thread! From that point on, a Thread can include as many answers and questions as the mentor and learner want until one of the two decides to complete the thread.

Mentoring Threads are powerful tools for any user on 100mentors. Our learners, mentors, and educators can each participate and gain from this improved interaction model. 

Why should a learner use the Thread feature?

Learners spark the thread by following up with a question for their mentor. The asynchronous and bite-sized dialogue with mentors also creates meaningful, customized learning opportunities in a way that consuming generic content cannot. Learners get to: 

  • Go further into a topic or specific example with a mentor
  • Reflect on their first question with mentor feedback and improve it
  • Build a conversation and connection with the mentor

By creating and developing mentoring threads, learners can also claim the 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training which certifies their level of mastery in three key soft skills: critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. 

To claim it, a learner needs to accomplish:

  • the creation of 3 Mentoring Threads, and
  • an  evaluation score of at least 60% in each of the three soft skills.

By setting a Thread in motion, any learner can evolve their questions in a way that shows investment in soft skills development and meaningful knowledge acquisition.  In this way, they multiply their chances of reaching the Certificate.

What is the role of a mentor in a mentoring thread?

A mentor is often seen as an inspirational figure, and answering questions on 100mentors is an opportunity to share that inspiration. However, on 100mentors a mentor achieves a lot more than that. We expand the meaning of “the mentor” as the key figure that shares knowledge and experiences, but, more importantly, focuses on helping learners improve their questions and develop themselves and their soft skills. In this respect, our mentors:

  • Go further than usual answers by responding to direct personalized questions, sharing unique experiences and implicit knowledge
  • Facilitate learners in achieving the 100mentors Certificate in Soft Skills Training by evaluating their questions in terms of soft skills and including relevant feedback in their answers.

How do mentoring threads help educators and L&D professionals?

Whether a teacher in a school or an L&D professional overseeing the content, educators can track their learners’ journey and further support their learning.

  • Uncover the unique knowledge mentors share and goes beyond the common know-how available online
  • Get insights into each learner’s soft skills through their questions and the evaluations they received to their questions
  • Assist learners in achieving the Certificate in Soft Skills Training by contributing evaluations

The Mentoring Threads feature is one more step taken on the 100mentors platform to generate a truly personalized experience for learners and mentors that enriches both sides, unlocks new knowledge, and leverages human intelligence to develop soft skills. We can’t wait for the amazing learning stories that will be sparked through this channel!

Joanna is a social impact specialist with experience in organizations promoting human rights, inclusion, and access to opportunity. She is the Head of Educational Partnerships at 100mentors where she oversees the development of collaborations with educational organizations across the world.

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