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Last Updated on August 1, 2018

These past few months have been groundbreaking for 100mentors. We:

  • Conducted brainstorming sessions with Google to explore which technology and metrics are the most meaningful for educators
  • Participated in #FacebookDay, to discuss how mobile video can fuel deeper emotional connections, and how 100mentors’ mobile app will enhance the visual ways students and teachers learn and connect
  • Showcased by the European Investment Fund, highlighting the importance of investing in European EdTech
  • Joined the “Educational Forum Redesigning Educational Systems: From Theory to Praxis” organized by the Fulbright Foundation and the American Community School, Athens
  • Sponsored the IB Symposium on eAssessment on May 5th, with Adrian Kearney – Director of IB World Schools – conducting the keynote speech

Through these events we connected with education leaders, technology experts and students who all played an incremental role in the inspiration behind our new mobile asynchronous mentoring app, which we are now ready to share with the world.

Next up: #100mentorsUSTour

We are excited to announce our first stops:
Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C

Now, we’re here in the US for the next month, to launch our new mobile mentoring app, which we designed to empower students to take their questions to the brightest minds in any discipline and complement the content of their learning outside class time.

We will be giving them the opportunity to bring themselves one step closer to the ultimate mentoring experience.

During our tour, we will be visiting schools / school districts, innovative educators and EdTech leaders within education powerhouses, to address the pain points that were highlighted during our educator workshops:

  • Bottom-up learning – increasing the role of students creating higher student engagement
  • Difficulty in demonstrating purpose – giving students the tool to create unique content with different perspective (powered by our diverse group of mentors) to better understand lesson objectives
  • Lack of time, busy schedules – creating an experience that does not require class time

So far, 100mentors brings the world to your classrooms. Now, the 100mentors mobile app will bring the world to your mobile, anywhere, anytime. Our base will be at NYU Steinhardt (May 7 – 14) where we will be interacting with EdTech leaders and hosting workshops on new trends which will disrupt the EdTech space in 2018. We will also be visiting schools in San Francisco (May 14-20),  Washington D.C (May 20-22) and Boston (May 23-25) conducting exclusive workshops on the best practices to create interactive lessons.

What’s in it for me?

If you are a school, educator or work in the field of education in Boston, New York and/or San Francisco, we have already planned to visit schools in your area who are bringing mentoring, like it’s never been before, to their schools. Let’s meet and we’re happy to give you an exclusive demo of how you can bring live content into your classroom and make your lessons more interactive.

Also, on the occasion of the new 100mentors mobile app, we have created an exclusive bundle for schools in the US. If you are interested in learning more about 100mentors, the exclusive bundle and how to bring 100mentors to your school in a jiffy, click here.

As the Head of Growth/Partner, Elina drives user and revenue growth at 100mentors. As a data-driven individual, she enjoys collaborating with bright minds and on innovative products.

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