What is a 100mentors Q&A, and how does it work? Part 1: The question

Last Updated on January 26, 2021

Q: How does a question work on the 100mentors app?

A: To begin with, when you – as the mentor – register on the app and choose your occupation and fields of expertise, you start to see a series of questions that are either related to your own expertise, or timely career-related inquiries like the Future of Work or Remote Work. These questions can be written, or in the form of 20-seconds byte-sized videos, from the perspective of mentees asking about career orientation, their curriculum, or current class projects. The way that you see questions on the app is a result of our unique filtering, to show you captivating, thought-provoking prompts for discussion, conveniently.

Q: So, who are the question askers?

A: Our mentees can be:

1.  Students who are part of a school community globally (either at the primary or high school level) and want real interactions with mentors like you around specific topics, either discussed in their classrooms, or with a focus on their possible career path (it could be yours!) and how they can be prepared for it.

2. University students, with a more focused interest in the career track they have “already chosen,” who need multiple insights from you and your peers in the field.

3. Independent learning communities, who would like to ask questions and receive answers from experts like you to spark their inspiration.

It’s so important to us that students are the ones to pose these questions authentically. Young minds have always a fresh thought for everything and are experiencing new things constantly – that’s why they can think out of the box and spark your thinking with their questions. Interacting with their questions and using your 100-second time to answer can be your time for self-reflection, which opens the way to find your very own blind spots, the ones that all of us have. Experiencing these blindspots through a different set of ears and eyes – our mentees’ – can help us move forward in our professional and personal lives.

Q: How are their career questions related to me?

A: Your occupation selection helps us determine this. Students are very eager to learn about different career possibilities, people in different fields, and see your insights and perspectives on career paths. Sharing your very own story is more important than it may feel. Every piece of advice can work as a sign and guide them to carve their way. Thus, always take a moment to share your own career path and give learners that personalized inspiration that only you can offer.

Q: How do my Fields of Expertise influence my Question Feed?

A: Any past professional and academic experiences that you might have may belong to your fields of expertise – choose any that you feel confident seeing and answering questions about. Students’ questions that relate to the same field of expertise, may appear in your feed and are available for you to answer. 

Q: What if I have a question … about a question?

A: Always keep in mind: if you see a question that doesn’t seem to be so clear for you, feel free to answer by giving some feedback to the student – or asking a question back as your “answer” After all, let’s not forget that our primary goal is to help students set the right questions, and what’s better than you, their mentors, to help guide them in doing so. 

Q: Can I offer feedback?

A: Finally, we are always working to improve your mentor experience and looking for your feedback – you can offer it on every single question you receive with a single tap! The more feedback you share, the more your question feed will improve!

Explore the questions waiting for you !

Yannis Kourtis is the Mentor Experience Associate at 100mentors. He holds an MA in International Relations and Strategic Studies and has worked as a youth trainer, helping young people to develop life skills beyond the classroom. Yannis is passionate about empowering professionals and academics to leave their legacy by connecting with students worldwide.

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