SXSWedu, Here We Come!

Last Updated on November 17, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

… for techies and educators alike! That’s right, it’s time for SXSW 2017. And this year, we’re excited to announce that 100mentors will be in Austin to catch all the fun at SXSW, and meet all the fellow (ed)techies at SXSWedu. 


From March 6th through 9th, the 100mentors team will be at SXSWedu to exchange thoughts on education technology with the energetic community of stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds in education

For those who may be less familiar with the event:

SXSWedu hosts a community of stakeholders passionate about the future of teaching and learning. As the event continues to grow, diversity of perspectives and interests remain at the heart of what makes SXSWedu so unique. The attendees, participants, speakers and sponsors that make up the SXSWedu community are impacting learning from the classroom, to the community and beyond in inspiring ways. … Through powerful presentations from prominent and emerging leaders, SXSWedu explores a diverse range of topics that impact the future of how we teach, learn and grow.

We’re excited to be amongst and meet the leading changemakers in education. And after SXSWedu, meet up with us at the main conference from March 10th through 16th.

We’re excited for…

In true SXSW style, SXSWedu boasts a full program. Here are just a couple of the aspects we are most looking forward to:

1. The mentor sessions. 

The SXSWedu mentorship program will help facilitate one-on-one meetings with those who are most experienced in the education space (from classroom teachers and professors to industry insiders and CEOs). In other words, prime mentorship opportunities with #the16percent of education.

At 100mentors, we love to see mentorship in all shapes, sizes and forums, and especially within an esteemed community like the SXSW one.

2. Keynote speaker Brené Brown. 

Amongst all the keynotes by prominent and emerging leaders at SXSWedu, one of the talks we most eagerly await to is by Brené Brown. She is well-known for her powerful TED Talk on The Power of Vulnerability, where she shares her research on the human need for authentic connection (via our abilities to empathize, belong, and love). On the SXSWedu stage, she will discuss what it takes to create a “Daring Classroom” by exploring answers to questions such as “What would it mean for our schools and classrooms if we showed up for tough, honest conversations about what it takes to bring our best, most authentic selves to work?”

As 100mentors continually strives to connect students with authentic role models, we are eager to hear what Brown will say it takes to bring these most “authentic selves” to the education playing field.

3. The meetups & featured sessions.

Also on the SXSWedu docket are fascinating meetups and featured sessions. And right up the 100mentors alleys of educational innovation and higher education are session topics such as “Investing in Teachers as Innovators” and “The Role of Colleges in Society.” As such, we look forward to the sessions and the conversations they will inspire, while being in an audience of fellow innovators in education.

Let’s meet up!

With all this talk of education and innovation, what better way to learn from the conference than to meet up with the changemakers themselves… you! The 100mentors team would love to get a coffee, meet up in the Pavilion, chat at our booth, or catch a meetup with you. If you’d like to get together and chat edtech, mentorship, or just say hi — let us know

Let’s Connect & Innovate Together

100mentors partners with top universities and companies to connect students with authentic mentors and role models. With the 100mentors technology, you can start empowering students at scale to prepare them for the workplace of the future. If you’d like to get together and chat edtech, mentorship, or just say hi — let us know

To learn more about how you can start preparing your students for the workplace of the future:

As Digital Marketing Manager of 100mentors, Lucy is helping craft and spread the #100mentors message across the globe. Outside of 100mentors, Lucy actively seeks to spread good vibes, and collaborate with the great tech and marketing minds of the world.

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